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Shoe Care

The life-span of your custom made shoes depends very much on how you treat them. Any high quality custom shoes need and deserve a little care. Don't forget, they are made of top quality leather, a natural product and are subjected to the elements, every time you wear them. Treat them right and your custom made shoes will reward you with 10 years or more of service with an ever more beautiful leather patina developing.

Most importantly:
Do not wear the same pair of your custom made shoes every day, day in and day out. They are subjected to moisture and the leather needs time to dry. We recommend shoes to be worn one day and than left to rest for 2 day's for accumulated moisture to evaporate.

Shoes are the one of the men’s most important accessory in their life and closet. That's why we are going to give you some tips about their usage, care and cleaning.

Specifications and usage conditions of shoes that you are going to purchase differ.

Choosing  and purchasing high quality shoes with true size is very important. Because the most important factor for shoes to be deformed is that their size is being small, large or narrow. For example, if your feet have wide metatarsus and you buy narrow shoes, then you will see that shoes are beginning to press at side parts of your feet and being deformed on that part. This is an irremediable situation.

It is important to put on and take off shoes properly.

Also polishing rubbers should not be used. The most common mistake is applying chemical polish to  leather shoes for a bright look of leather. In this case, when pores, providing air are filled with chemical polish so shoe and feet are prevented from getting  air. For these cases natural oils  should be used (yew oil, almond oil and olive oil).

Care sprays, rubbers or brushes are used for the cleaning after usage of suede leather shoes. Waterproof sprays, dust repellent sprays, etc. can be used to take precaution to avoid dirt before usage.

It is important to apply care creams, care oils to leather shoes that softens and freshens the leather every two weeks. In this way  you can prevent drying and cracking of the leather.

Ensure that dust is cleaned and the shoe is ventilated during the night after using the shoes. If you are not going to use the shoes next day,  it is better to put a shoe tree.

From time to time, you may squeeze menthol scent sprays that avoid bad smell of shoes and bacterias causing the bad smell.